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How safe is it to order from the Supermandolini™ store?
We know how important it is to browse through a secure online environment and to place an order without having to worry about sensitive information passed on to others. That is why every bit of information transmitted between the customer and will not be disclosed to any third parties.

No credit card details are stored on site and all orders are processed via PayPal's secure servers.

What forms of payment do you accept?
You can pay for your order with either a credit card or with yout PayPal account. All orders are processed via Paypal's secure servers.

What shipping options do you offer?
At the moment all orders are shipped via ELTA "The Hellenic Post Office" as first class registered packages. All packages receive a tracking number and need to be signed for upon delivery.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs vary based on location and the total weight of the items. The best way to find out how much you will be paying for your order is by adding your items in the shopping cart and going through the checkout process to calculate final shipping charges.

Can I track my order?
At the moment only domestic (within Greece) orders can be properly tracked.

For all other orders (outside Greece) upon request we can provide the tracking number, date of departure from the country and the flight number. In the unfortunate case that your package hasn't showed up yet please contact us asap. We will provide you with all the above information to track and trace the package from your end.

I haven't received my order yet.
First make sure you have received your shipping confirmation email. If yes then check the list below to confirm that your are within the post office delivery time frame.

Delivery times:

3 to 7 working days (approximately) at the following destinations:
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmrak, Switserland, Estonia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Island, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxumberg, Malta, Norway, Holland, Hunguary, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Chech Republic, Finland and Cyprus

2 to 5 weeks (approximately) at the following destinations:
Rest of Europe and countries outside the EU.

If your order has exceeded the post office time frames then please contact us asap via our contact form.

We are not liable in the case your order returns back to us due to unsufficient address or if it was unclaimed. You will be contacted by us regarding the matter and in order to proceed with re-dispatch of your order you will have to cover the shipping costs. From our behalf we will do the repackaging for free.

What is your return policy?
• In case you are not happy with your order or if you simply changed your mind you can either request a full refund of the item's (items) value or an exchange for another (others) of the same value or less. (Note: We can't refund shipping charges).

• First of contact us about which order you wish to return, which product and why and if you would like a refund or an exchange. This can be done via our contact form and do not forget to fill the order number field.

• In order to proceed with your request you will have to return your order to us within 10 working days from time of receipt. Returns must be in their original condition, UNWASHED, UNWORN, UNDAMAGED and in their original packaging. We will NOT accept any items that don't fit the above criteria and the refund or exchange will not proceed. In case you change your mind and need the items back you will have to cover shipping charges.

• Returns can take up to 1 week to be processed once received. When your return has been processed and shipped, we will send you a shipping confirmation email.

• If the shipment sent to you is the result of an error made by Supermandolini we will cover all costs involved.

• In the case an order returns to us as a result of a mistake made by you (i.e. wrong delivery address details or miscommunication with your postal service) you will have to cover shipping charges in order to re-ship the order.

What type of t-shirts do you use?
After years of wearing and buying t-shirts we realised the ups and downs of most commercial t-shirt brands. So when it came to our own clothing line we decided since we are designing everything else why not design our own t-shirt? and so we did.

Our t-shirts are made out of 100% fine jersey cotton at 160 g/m² which makes the garment lightweight, soft, and machine washable with minimal shrinkage.
They have a tailored fit with comfortable necks, no flappy sleeves and no high hems. Some extra attention was given to the girly t-shirts in order to make them look more female. So we added a nice curvy waist line and a deeper neck as also slightly shorter sleeves.

How do I take care of my t-shirt?
To make sure that you t-shirt will last for a long time, including your screenprint make sure you follow the guides below.

1. Wash you t-shirt at 30C (65F to 85F) either by hand or in the washing machine.
2. Do NOT use a machine dryer, just hang your t-shirts on a line and let them drip dry.
3. Do NOT iron on the screenprint. You will damage the print and your iron. Simply turn your t-shirt inside out and iron at a medium setting.

How do you print on your t-shirts?
All our t-shirts are machine screenprinted by professional screenprinters using Plastisol inks that ensure vibrant, solid colors. Knowning that Plastisol inks have great covering qualities we always pay attention to the ammount of pigment applied on the t-shirts ensuring that no thick layers of ink end up on the final garment making it comfortable to wear.

What is my t-shirt size?
Due to the fact that all our t-shirts are custom made, sizes will differ from other brands. In order for you to make sure which size fits you best please check our sizing charts before making a purchase and by following our simple guide below.

1. Grab your favorite t-shirt. You know the one you always love to wear and think that fits you best.
2. Lay it nice and flat on a surface.
3. Get a measure tape and measure from armpit to armpit as shown in the sizing chart to find your exact chest width.
4. Compare your findings with the chart and pick the right size for you.

If you are still not a 100% sure what size to choose feel free to contact us via our contact form.

What type of canvas do you use?
All our canvases use Hahnemuhle Fine Art Canvas (350 gsm). Hahnemuhle since 1584 have a long tradition in artist paper products. Perfect for digital art production these canvases are acid-free, light-fast, and extremely age resistant.

All canvas prints come with a Hahnemuhle Certificate of Authenticity which is designed to protect the security and exclusivity of your limited edition art and reduce the risk of forgery. Each certificate has a serialized numerical hologram. An identical numerically serialized hologram is attached to the art work itself, on the reverse canvas side. This combination assures that the Certificate of Authenticity relates directly to that particular piece of artwork.

How do you print your canvases?
All our canvases are "giclee" prints which is the process of making fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing. Our printers use fade resistant archival pigment inks on a top of the range large scale ink-jet printer. That ensures crisp shapes with solid, vibrant colors that conclude a highly lightfast and durable print that will last dozens of years.

How long does a canvas take to be produced?
Our canvases are made to order. We don't keep stock, so the moment you place an order for a spesific canvas we place an order for a print.

The print has to dry for 1-2 days and it is varnished the next day. Finally it needs one more day to be stretched and mounted on a dried pine wood frame 1.5 cm deep that has a middle wooden bar that makes the whole frame more stable and rigit. Finally a very strong steel wire is placed from one side of the frame to the other so when you receive your frame you can hang the canvas on your wall straight away.

The next step is the packaging process. The whole frame and canvas gets wrapped around in bubble wrap for protection, the four corners get wrapped again as being the most fragile part of the canvas while in transit and then the whole package gets placed carefully in a card paper box.

Overall you should add on the estimated post office delivery times 4-5 days due to the preperation nessasary for the canvas.

How do I take care of my canvas?
Even though these prints are very resistand to time there are some very simple tips in prolonging your canvas' life further.

1. Make sure that your print doesn't get direct sunlight for long hours everyday. The less direct light, the better.
2. Don't mount the print above any heat source (i.e. heater, radiator, etc.).
3. Undust the print every now and then.

What type of paper do you use for your posters?
Our (45x26cm) posters are printed on 300gsm "Velvet" card paper with a satin finish.

How do you print your posters?
All our (45x26cm) posters are 4 color process prints made on a 10 color Heidelberg printing offset machine. All prints are coated with a satin varnish to stop the print from smudging and getting any oil stains from fingers.

How do I take care of my poster?
After tests we have found that shipping posters in mailing tubes is the only way to fully protect the print from getting hurt while in transit. Because the posters get rolled up in order to be placed in the mailing tube they get bend so you will need to bring them back to their natural state.
The best way is by laying first a board on them and by adding some weight on the board (books for example) for a few hours. Your posters will be as good as new.
A small price to pay for making sure the posters get to you intact.

How do you make your badges?
All badges are designed by us and assembelled by hand using a manual badge press. Measuring 2.5cm the body of the badge is made out of metal and includes a pin on the back for hanging it on your garment of choice.
Images are printed using a high resolution ink-jet printer to ensure sharp shapes and vibrant colors. All badge sets come with their own presentation cushion so you can safely store them.

How do you make your jewellery?
All of our jewellery is handmade. The moment you place an order for a spesific item we then assemble the jewellery for you. Usually that is a process that takes a day and then the order is ready for shipment.

For all our jewellery made out of plastic a laser cut machine is used to give shape and then it is yet again assembled by hand.

Due to the fragile nature of jewellery each item gets seperately packaged and placed in a paper box. Then the box is shipped in a bubble wrapped envelope for maximum protection.

How do you make your coasters?
All of our coasters are made out of a gloss finish soft acrylic. The acrylic surface is perfect for not allowing glasses to slide and stops condensation from coming in contact with the table surface. It is also very easy to clean and doesn't get harmed by hot surfaces.

The base of the coasters is made from a condensed foam material that allows good grip and doesn't hurt the table surface.

For printing our coasters we use a top of the range large scale ink-jet printer that ensures vibrant colours and sharp shapes. At the next stage acrylic is poured on top then the foam base is applied and after all dries well the coaster is cut. This is mostly a handmade process that allows us to fine tune most aspects of the final product and bring it to the desired level of quality.

How do I take care of my coasters?
To clean your coaster set just spray on the coasters with any generic window cleaner spray and then gently rub with a soft cotton towel the affected area. Don't use force as it will make it harder to take the dirt off and it might scratch the surface of the coaster.
Our coasters can handle hot surfaces but DO NOT use them with burning surfaces to avoid any damage to your set.

What is your privacy policy?
Your privacy is very important to us. We do NOT sell or share your information with third parties. When you subscribe to our newsletter your personal information is never transmitted to an outside source. Newsletters are sent out without revealing any personal information, and you may unsubscribe from them at any time. We collect only information that is nesseacary for us to complete your order (i.e. name, email, shipping address, billing address). We do NOT store any sensitive information like credict card details. Our policy covers the information you provide directly to us. We reserve the right to update our policy at any time.